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Hidden Pool, have your cake and eat it too.

You want a backyard but they want a pool. Well with a Hidden water pool you can have both!!

So what exactly is a hidden water swimming pool?

A hidden water swimming pool is a traditional looking swimming pool until you push a button.
Once you push the button it activates a hydraulic lift that powers up the mechanism of the pool and the floor of the pool rises, the water flows up to the edges and disappears (drains beneath the pool floor). Then you have a sold sound service that you can use as a normal back yard. Whenever you want push the button again and “a la kazam” your Hidden pool comes to life.

Hidden Pool Sizes:

Hidden water pools come in a few different sizes and designs. Some of the sizes are listed below:

Circular Pool
• 12 feet round the diameter.Hidden water pool
• 14 feet round the diameter.
• 16 feet round the diameter.
• 18 feet round the diameter.

Rectangular Pool
5. Rectangle of 8X14 foot
6. Rectangle of 10X18 foot

So this seems expensive so how much is a Hidden pool?

So obviously hidden Water Pools are more expensive than the traditional pools, about 30% once you add it all up.
They say because of all the bells a whistles that you will likely want, the estimated costs of a hidden pool can range between $20,000 and $60,000. I know traditional pools are about $30,000 so really they don’t seem that bad to me since you get your cake and eat it too.

Hidden water pools have gained much popularity recently and the reason behind its rapidly growing market is its countless advantages. Some of the benefits associated with hidden pools are:


With the traditional pool there is always the worry about safety near the pool. Someone may fall in and get hurt, But, with hidden water pools there is no pool to fall into. You simply cover the pool with the push of a button. So you can have a pool and be assured of your child’s safety.

Adjustable Height Hidden Pool

Do you want a hip pool or a 8ft deep pool or maybe a wading pool. One bonus of Hidden Water Pools is their adjustable height . Hidden water pools can be adjusted to your desired depth level.

Maintenance Free Pools

Cleaning the conventional swimming pools can be be a labor intensive and costly venture.  You can avoid all these hassles with hidden pools. Why? The answer lies in the construction and functioning of the hidden pool. When not in use it will be protectively covered and minimizing the chances of attracting any kind of dirt or garbage into the clean water.

Hidden pools are also termed as fresh water pools since there is no need to add chemicals in it. And when you need to clean it on routine basis, the procedure is very simply performed with a remote control.

So what do you think about Hidden Water pools?


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